Let’s PLAY!

If we can do this ONE thing during Covid, it may just become part of our “new normal”. And if we ALL did it, this world would be a softer, gentler, kinder, more enjoyable place to live.
Let’s act like KIDS!
Play – kids innately know how to have fun and to play! Let’s get out there and have some more fun. I’ve been having fun doing some old gymnastics I did in middle school and Roger has been playing more piano (which makes ME very happy, too). Even silly little things like making a fort in the living room or camping in the backyard can work wonders for allowing us to reconnect with our playful side. It helps reduce stress, stay in the present moment, connect with ourselves and our loved ones and lighten up a little, even for just a moment.
Routine – Kids THRIVE on routine. And so do adults! Why do we think that what helps kids stay grounded and calm would be any different from what WE need to feel the same way? Waking up and going to bed at the same time is one of the best things you can do for your physical, emotional and mental health. Be sure to schedule times to eat, to exercise, to meditate and to PLAY and I promise, you’ll be amazed with how much better you feel.
Sleep – We know what it’s like to deal with a tired toddler. WE are tired toddlers!! Get a good night’s sleep and watch your whole life change. If you struggle with “sleep hygiene”, here are a few posts I’ve shared over the years that I hope will help.
Sugar – You knew this list wouldn’t be complete without talking about the sweet stuff! We know what happens when we feed our kids sugar….they spin! They spiral! They go crazy! They crash. The truth is, we do, too. The difference is that we are bigger, so it takes more sugar to experience the same effects we see in our littles, and we’ve built up our tolerance so much that many of us have become desensitized to the effects of sugar. Try swapping out soda or ice cream or whatever your sugar-of-choice for fruit for just one week and watch your whole life change.


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