Will You Help Me? (Beta Testers NEEDED) :)

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know I talk a lot about what I call the “5 pillars of health”, which virtually every health professional can agree on as the foundation of optimizing our health and wellbeing.
The 5 pillars are water, food, sleep, exercise and stress-management and I’ve been working on a mobile app that helps us prioritize each of them in order to change the way we look at food, our health and our bodies.
I’ve been subconsciously using the method in my own life since I started my health journey over 20 years ago, and I’ve been using a pen-and-paper form of it with my clients for over a decade.
At the crux of the app is what I call “the food-mood journal”. It’s where we make the connection between what we EAT and how we FEEL in order to gain more peace and joy and FREEDOM in our lives when it comes to food and body. Once we start to track what makes us feel good and what makes us feel not-so-good (mentally, emotionally and physically), we start to naturally gravitate towards the foods–and behaviors– that leave us feeling GOOD. Like magic! 🙂
At long last, my FOOD FREEDOM app is about to be released in BOTH the Apple Store and the Google Play store (eeeeeeek!!!!) and I’m looking for 100 Beta testers to help us ensure it’s ready for everyone to use.
I would be so grateful if YOU would like to test the app, and if you do, please head over to the FOOD FREEDOM website (foodfreedomapp.com) to join the wait list to be notified when we are all set.
I am SO excited to share this FREE app with anyone who is wanting to cultivate a deeper relationship with their body and health, and who’s tired of being confused by food or the messaging out there that tells us to eat this or to avoid that in order to “be healthy”.
If you’re fed up with dieting, weighing yourself or your food, counting calories or points or macros, then THIS is the app for you.
❌No daily weigh ins (which shame us into using the app)
❌No daily “goals” (that just make us feel bad when we don’t reach them)
❌No strict rules (that we can never adhere to long-term)
❌No one-size-fits-all (because we are all unique)
❌No judgment (because beating ourselves up has NEVER worked)
✅This app is unique to YOU and is as unique as you are!
Eating intuitively allows us the freedom to TRUST our hunger and our fullness and our knowing. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait for you to use it.
We also track our water (and can even set notifications to remind us to drink throughout the day), our sleep, our movement and there’s a diary feature to use as a brain dump, a place to share your innermost thoughts that will help you reduce your stress and feel better. 
My goal with this app is to have everything you need in one place with the ability to run reports in order to track progress, notice pitfalls and gain insight around what really works… for YOU.
I am deeply grateful to my team for building this app and I’ve had so much fun being a part of the process from start to finish. I can’t wait for YOU to use it!
Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.
P.S. The website to join the wait list to be notified as soon as we are all set to test the app is FOODFREEDOMAPP.com.

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