HOW Do I Keep The Momentum GOING? (12 Week OBAAT Program)

Since I released my Masterclass I’ve received messages like:
“How do I keep this momentum going?”;
“How do I turn this into a lifestyle?;
“How can I make this feel as enjoyable as you make it seem!?”;
And sentiments around:
“What do I actually EAT? Do you have recipes? Meal plans? Ideas for snacks? HELP!!!”
Let me help you make the process of living a healthy lifestyle feel GOOOOOOD.
Let me help you TRULY make peace with food and body and create a life that feels like FREEDOM.
In my signature 12 week OBAAT Group Coaching Program, starting November 22, 2021, we dive DEEP into every area of our health–mental, emotional and physical, and I share EVERYTHING I’ve done to move the needle in my 20 year journey towards FOOD FREEDOM.
I can’t WAIT for YOU to experience all the juicy goodness, if you want the same for your own life.
I’ve spent years testing and trialing and culling and curating and whittling down what TRULY moves the needle for people and I’ve been coaching exclusively for almost 6 years.
Let me show you how you can have it for yourself so that you can not only live YOUR best life, but you’ll become a beacon of hope in your circles where people are STRUGGLING to live theirs.
The entire program is delivered online, and each week, you’ll receive new trainings along with LIVE coaching calls and BONUS features like cooking demos in my kitchen, shopping trips, and going for MOVING CONVERSATIONS where we walk and talk.
EVERYTHING is done via video, so you can join from anywhere (and of course, everything is recorded).
Real, raw, results-driven, compassionate, with connection, accountability and support.
So, what are you WAITING FOR???
Visit, learn more, schedule a call to see if it’s a fit and let’s find YOUR bliss, your peace, your joy, your FREEDOM… one bite at a time (OBAAT). 🙂
P.S. We start on Monday, November 22nd, 2021 and the program runs until Sunday, February 13th, 2022, which means we will be together through several holidays that can often derail us. Allow me to guide you through this season and turn 2022 into your BEST. YEAR. YET. ❤

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