Let’s Talk TRAUMA.

On Sunday, we covered a topic that isn’t easy to talk about, but that my guests did an amazing job helping us to understand better. We talked about trauma.

This was the biggest thing I took away:

We ALL suffer trauma.

None of us gets a free pass. No one goes through life unaffected by it. Past wounds, hurts, big life events, deaths, accidents…it ALL plays a role and can even compound, causing us to behave and move in ways that feel protective, and yet are hindering our growth and stifling our true nature. Trauma can have us believing things about ourselves that negatively affect our health. It is imperative–if we want to live our best lives–that we heal our trauma.

The great thing is, there is not only ONE way to help ourselves heal. ALL of my guests believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to healing trauma, and on the show, we highlighted three ways: Cognitive (talk) therapy can be so helpful. Working with a therapist to get to the root causes and know that we are not failures; but that we have simply suffered INJURIES (I love how Dr. Jordan explained trauma like a hammer hitting us on the knee and us wanting to say “Why does my knee hurt? What’s wrong with ME?…)

And then, Ryan Theriault, founder of Tranquil Acres Therapeutic Equestrian Centre shared how equine therapy works by using horses to help us create metaphors for the trauma we’ve experienced, and how horses are giant biofeedback machines who allow us to be who we really are.

And finally, Tara Hagan-Fields, owner of Fascial Connections Myofascial Release and Wellness Centre, explained what fascia is (it’s EVERYWHERE!) and how we go into “fight or flight” when we suffer trauma, and how ALL trauma is stored in the body. So, if we want to live in healthier, less pained bodies, working through our trauma using myofascial release technique is a way to do that.

I really hope you watch this episode. It will help you understand trauma better and how you might be able to work through yours so that you can truly thrive.


Thank you to my amazing guests who make my job so easy! And thank YOU for watching. I am so grateful to have you with me.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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