Are You The One Or Two?

We are over one week in to our 28 Day Kick Ass Challenge, and I have to tell you, I’m incredibly proud of what our team is doing!

We have people kicking sugar to the curb; we’ve got people drinking more water and cutting out soda. We’ve got people saying “no” to eating doughnuts. You’ve got me cutting out my night time snacking habit.

On Sunday, we started our 22 days of push-ups. We are getting stronger every day.

The goals we are setting may seem like no big deal when you read them, but believe me, avoiding temptation, working through our cravings, and doing the work of sticking to our goals takes courage.

It takes a decision.

If you know me, you’ll know that I believe that everything starts with a decision and flows from there. Life happens in moments, and so when we draw our line in the sand and choose to make a change, we are changing the way we think.

While it is extremely easy to fall back into old habits (believe me, I have to think about not having my favourite snacks of celery smeared in almond butter, the Chocolate Banana Milkshake or one of my Banana Bread muffins at 10 pm), but when I keep going back to my decision, I am able to make other choices from there.

Making other choices means I might do some deep breathing. I might sip a cup of tea. I might take a warm bath or I might simply go to bed and read before falling asleep.

I create new rituals. Our rituals create our experience. Listen as Tony Robbins fires us up about our rituals.

Making a decision to do something new doesn’t instantly result in the new habit I’m creating being created! We all know this from experience.

We see it all year long but it’s especially apparent on January 1st. Many of us make a decision to eat better and exercise and the gyms are flooded with people. By the second week of January, the crowds abate and by the middle of February, things are back to normal…almost…

Every year, there are the one or two exceptions who stick with it. The one or two people who keep setting their alarms and putting on their running shoes and making their way to the gym.

So what are the one or two who stick with it doing that the rest of us aren’t doing?

They made a decision. They REALLY made a decision. They didn’t just say words.


They decided.

They killed off all other options.

And in doing so, they knew they would have to create new rituals.

They knew their decision would only be the first step; after that, they’d have to support their decision with action.

They are remembering their WHY and every day they wake up, they remind themselves again.

They are reminding themselves of their decision. They are remembering, every morning when they head off to the gym, that they decided to do things differently. And they don’t fall back into old habits because they have made that choice and they have set their life up to support their decision.

Their rituals are what support their decision.

Celebrate Success!

So, for 28 days, we have different rituals. We do things differently because we keep reminding ourselves of what we have chosen to change.

The feelings that come up throughout the process are powerful. First, there is enthusiasm. It is exciting to make changes and do what we know we want to do!

Then there is self-doubt. Doubt that we will be able to stick to our goal.

Soon, we start to feel confidence. Early on, as we string a few days together, we start to believe that we can do this!

But, most importantly, people begin to respect themselves more. They are learning to trust themselves with each day they stick to their goal. This is what we find time and time again on this and the 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge.

And we are feeling the pride already, 8 days in, because each day is worth a celebration! 

So we celebrate our success and we cheer each other on because what we are doing is pretty awesome.

We would love for you to join us and get in on this feeling for yourself.

If you feel drawn to this, simply join our Facebook group and decide the ONE Diet Fix you will make for 28 days (it can be anything!) and then on Day 6, start your 22 Day Push Up Challenge. Post a pic of yourself before, during or after your push ups and share it on your own Facebook page using the hashtag #KickAss28.

You can also share this image as you embark on your journey. Donate at least $22 to support our military and first responders suffering with PTSD by going to (Canada) or (U.S.).

That's it!

And that's a lot.

Because making decisions and changing our rituals takes courage.

Because life is lived in moments and our lives are created by the thoughts we think and the actions we take.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

P.S. If you are IN, please help us spread the word by telling your friends! Use the hashtag #KickAss28Plus, and please join us in the Facebook Group. It’s where we support one another and hold each other accountable.

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