The Most Important Organ.

Last weekend, many of us celebrated Easter. While Roger and I enjoyed a nice meal together and a lovely walk in nature on Sunday, our weekend was filled with last-minute details around The Healthy Brain and Body Show. We are beyond excited to be bringing this show to Ottawa, and last week, we went on Roger’s Daytime to chat with Dylan Black about it:

When we think about our health, we can tend to focus on diet, nutrition, exercise and fitness but we can often overlook the most important organ of all when it comes to our health…our brain!

When we nourish, nurture and respect our brain’s needs, our entire life changes. When we realize that 20% of the calories we consume are used by our brain and when we understand that brain is made of 60% fat (it’s the fattiest organ!), we can begin to awaken to the knowledge that everything we thought we knew about diet may be wrong!

Restricting calories and avoiding fat has affected our brains in major ways. Let’s remember to fuel our bodies and brains with what they need to thrive.

And when we exercise, our brains release feel-good endorphins. Let’s get moving, starting with taking a few minutes to stretch throughout the day. Sitting is the new smoking! You will get to connect with so many amazing people at the show who will help you become your healthiest, fittest self!

Let’s remember to be grateful. It’s a practice and something we can get better at. Yesterday, I thanked Roger for picking really good bananas at the grocery store. He looked at me and said “uh, you’re welcome, honey…” and we both kind of laughed…but I meant it! They were PERFECT bananas!

When we get into a habit of finding things to be grateful for, we find that more and more wonderful things come into our lives. Meditating and going within, practicing yoga, working with a reiki master, coach or healer, these are some wot the ways we can improve our mental health.

And when we suffer a brain injury (like a concussion), we often don’t know where to start. This is where our show is different. While we want you to come ready to shop–please bring your reusable shopping bags (we KNOW you have ten in the trunk of your car!) and enjoy the many local artisans and companies that are committed to improving your life through their innovative and high quality products and services–we also want you to explore and learn about brain health, mental health and overall ways to improve the quality of your life. 

From The Healthy Brain Rehabilitation Showcase (a group of professionals ready to answer all of your brain health questions) to an Escape Cage by Escape Manor to TRX demos, the Zen Zone (a FREE meditation area to recharge you) and SO much more, we KNOW this is going to be the event of the year in Ottawa!

We are also really good at hosting events, so we are doing all we can to make you feel valued…because you ARE.

We have hired Aqua Haulics to supply fresh, clean, filtered water all weekend so please bring your reusable water bottles and stay hydrated all weekend long.

We have incredible sponsors of the show, all who are sharing their powerful products and services while also speaking on important topics you won’t want to miss. Check the Speaker Schedule on the website.

We will also be live streaming the talks for anyone who doesn’t live in Ottawa or can’t make the show!


We are also mindful that we live in a bilingual city, so we are committed to respecting people’s primary language, and we have several Exhibitors, Sponsors and Volunteers of the show who are bilingual. Some of the talks are even being delivered en Francais!

If you are looking for something FUN, EDUCATIONAL, INSPIRATIONAL and potentially LIFE-CHANGING for Earth Day weekend, then we invite you to join us at The Healthy Brain and Body Show, this weekend, April 22 & 23, 2017 at The EY Centre.

Admission is FREE and we are collecting donations at the door for H.E.L.P., a not-for-profit who provide complimentary 4-day retreats to our military and first-responders suffering with PTSD and operational stress injuries.

Ryan Theriault, the founder of H.E.L.P., and I went on Daytime Ottawa to talk about this amazing charity. Here is the link, and our segment starts at 26:15 minutes in.

Check out ALL the details of the show by heading to the website,, and here is the Schedule of events:

We can not WAIT to host you!

Because we want you to live your life one bite at a time.

P.S. The Mayor is hoping to stop by in the afternoon on Saturday and we will have Fire Station #33 outside with their fire truck at 1 pm for an hour BOTH DAYS ready to show us around and answer questions about fire safety. Let’s shake the hands and thank those who risk their lives to keep us safe. 

P.P.S. I am dedicating the show to my father, John Roberts, who struggled with depression for many years before his passing. Dad, I am learning so much about the brain and I am doing my part to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. I am sorry I didn’t know then what I know now. But when we know better, we do better. I love you.

P.P.P.S. I am also dedicating the show to my dear friend, Karen, who suffered a concussion 8 months ago. There is hope. There is help. I love you.

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