What if you could naturally and effortlessly change your mindset so that you never, ever even considered going on a diet again?

How would your life change if you could learn how diets are designed to fail and how they keep us coming back (and feeling like WE failed)?

What would be different in your life if you learned to cultivate a deep relationship of trust and respect with yourself?

How would it feel if you learned strategies to curb cravings, make easy recipes, understand how food “works” and the “problem” of sugar (and how to enjoy it guilt- and shame-free!)?

How would your life be different if you knew ways to optimize your energy and how to truly, deeply LOVE your life and the lifestyle you live every day?

What would life FEEL like if you had boundless energy, didn’t obsess over every calorie or counting points, fat grams or “macros” and you could eat out at a restaurant without the swirling thoughts around, “What should I order?

What if you woke up every day feeling at HOME in your body, feeling proud of yourself and the choices you’ve made in your life, and felt SANE (instead of shame) around food?

What if you could go to the beach or the pool or on vacation and feel comfortable in your bathing suit?

What would change if you could stop worrying about what other people think and just… BE.


The PROBLEM With Diets

You’re successful in so many areas of your life, and yet when it comes to food, you feel like you’ve tried everything to get healthy and feel comfortable in your skin. But in a world that wants to keep you confused, knowing how to eat or what to eat or how to “be healthy” is… confusing.

So you struggle; and every Monday morning you tell yourself, “That’s IT!! Today, I’m going on a diet and I’m going to get healthy for once and for all!” and by Wednesday afternoon, you’re knee deep in Oreos and wondering how you will ever, ever figure this thing out (as you beat yourself up for never figuring it out). What you need is some momentum. And the way diet culture works is to leave you feeling so deprived that no matter how badly you want the outcome (to feel good in your body), you end up feeling worse.

It’s the worst kind of rollercoaster—the kind that messes with your peace, your happiness, your metabolism and your health. Diets leave you feeling resentful of others who seemingly just get to eat normally and you’re left wondering, “What’s WRONG with me?”


With almost 20 years cultivating a lifestyle that feels natural inside a body that feels like HOME, my coaching combines the BEST of what I’ve learned personally and professionally and distills the stuff that actually WORKS; stuff that will help you achieve long-term habits and behaviors and create a lifestyle you LOVE.

It’s awesome. And I can’t wait for you to experience what life can feel like when we take the pressure off ourselves and live free!

I offer private coaching designed to address your unique challenges and area of focus (click “Work With Me” above and select “One on One”) as well as a membership, where I’ve curated all of my best trainings. Once you’ve worked through the foundations, you’ll be set on a path to practice what you’ve learned in a safe community of others who have been where you are.

Remember, you’re never left to your own devices! Whether you choose private coaching or the membership, you’ve got me in your back pocket, supporting you every step of the way. And inside the membership, you get an entire community of others in the same boat! We inspire, motivate and support one another through the ups and downs, no matter where on the path we find ourselves.

And if you’re here reading this, then you’re already a part of my community (yay!) and I will continue to share tips and recipes and inspiration for living well to my FREE community on Facebook called One Bite At A Time. Join us!

It’s an honor to go on this journey with you. Thank you for trusting me as your guide and Health Coach!

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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