The BITEsized Method:30 Days to a Healthier,Happier,more ENERGETIC You!

When people ask me what I do, it’s hard to put it into words.

How can one whittle down into a sentence or two the kinds of life-changing transformations I get to bear witness to every single day?

But after years of working closely with others on their health+life goals, these are the closest I can get: I help people have healthier conversations with their body.

Cultivating a relationship of love and trust with our “human animals” is the foundation upon which we build our entire lives, and in my own twenty year journey to greater health+energy, I’ve created a beautiful practice out of helping others find freedom around food+body.

I would be honored to help you, too, if you feel called to my work. I coach a small number of clients privately to maintain a highly personalized experience, I coach in groups that I run seasonally, and I am overjoyed to be releasing my BiTESized method where I share my protocol for living with greater health+energy in a 30 day immersive and interactive experience.

Cultivating a relationship of love and trust with your human animal is the first step, and we spend significant time on the mindset piece that’s required to create REAL, lasting change.

From there, I share with you my EXACT protocol that allows me to feel better at 49 years old than I did at 29. I hold NOTHING back as I peel back the curtain on my own life and share with you EXACTLY how I manage to make a healthy lifestyle feel fun, energizing, deeply rewarding and profoundly empowering.

I’m looking for only TWENTY-FIVE registrants** to ensure I can maintain a customized, personal connection with each participant because YOUR results are the only thing that matters.

Every day, you’ll receive an email from me (plan for about 10 minutes to either read it or listen to it), there is a private Facebook group where I go LIVE each week, and you’ll have access to me and the support of the entire group every step of the way.

Interested? Get on the pre-registration list to be first in line for one of the 25 spots.

Here is the link again:

If you’re ready to have a healthier conversation with YOUR body, then let’s do this work… together.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.


**This is an inclusive community where its members feel safe, respected, and comfortable in being themselves and expressing all aspects of their identities. We do not discriminate in any way and welcome people of all ages, ability, sex, race, sexual orientation, marital+family status, and all ways of identifying.

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