*Because we ALL are.

A few weeks ago, we talked about fighting overwhelm by taking small steps that lead us towards a larger goal. We used the saying “How do you eat an elephant?” to help us see that with small actions, compounded over time, we can achieve our goals.

This week, we are talking about managing expectations and creating lasting change. We will address the elephant in the room–the one where we know we have to be patient and take baby steps (or bites) but where we feel frustrated because we want to see the results we are seeking NOW.

How many times have we “gone on” a diet to lose 10 or 20 pounds? We restrict, we sacrifice, we struggle and we push ourselves to use our willpower to get us to our goal. And once we arrive, we say “Yes!! I DID it!!” and we celebrate with a meal or a treat we’ve been missing out on for however long we’ve been sacrificing, and we wonder how on earth we’ve gone 30, 90 or however many days without FLAVOUR or JOY from food, and we slide back into our old eating habits almost without even noticing. Habits are sneaky like that…they trick us into doing the things we’ve always done because we’ve always done them; habits are our easy buttons.

The reason we need to take our time to remove weight is because habits only become habits when things are repeated consistently over time–that’s the very definition of a habit! According to Webster, a habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

No matter what people believe about weight and health, we can all agree that eating real food (no matter what that food is) is better for our health and our waistlines than eating processed or junk food. And we can all agree that when it comes to feeling and looking our best, eating real food, moving our bodies, getting proper sleep and reducing stress are all keys to achieving a healthy weight and body size.

So, why, then, do we feel as if we can do things for years or decades that lead us to where we are now with our weight, and yet in a matter of days, we can turn the whole thing around and drop 10 or 20 pounds and then keep it off for good, even when we revert back to the doing the things we have habitually done over those same years or decades?!

It’s the very definition of insanity!

Diet is not a bad word, but we have bastardized it to mean sacrifice, pain, denial, deprivation, sadness, misery, blame and shame.


Because I am on a diet.

And so are you.

Our diet is simply the food we eat regularly; the diet that we have created for ourselves through the habits we do consistently.

My diet is rich in whole foods, including all the colours of the rainbow when it comes to fruits and veggies; whole grains; protein (both from animal and vegetable sources because that’s what works best for ME), and I limit junk and highly processed foods. I drink water like it’s my job and I try not to eat more than I need to, or else I tend to feel sluggish. I stay ahead of my hunger by eating wholesome snacks that quell my cravings, and I track everything I put in my body using my Food-Mood Journal, so that I have a deep understanding of what does and doesn’t work for me.

So, what diet are YOU on? Be honest about this! What do you eat on a regular basis? Think about what you eat every day and uncover the diet YOU are on right now.

Lunch: ______________________
Snacks: _____________________
Beverages: __________________

Once we realize the choices we are making habitually, we can see our own pitfalls. Only with awareness are we able to make small changes that lead us to bigger results…over time.

There is no short-cutting. I know we all want to fit into those clothes or see a lower number on the scale, but unless and until we get honest about our existing diet and then make a conscious decision to make new choices–consistently, over time–we will be right back where we were before we can get any kind of joy from the experience. Shame and blame sets in and we are back at square one…AGAIN.

So, let’s all get real about out diets and then let’s get real about what we really want. If it is to be healthy, vibrant, have more energy, be lighter, feel lighter, feel better, then let’s take a look at our habits and see where we need to make a shift. Then, keep making that new decision repeatedly over time and track your progress using a journal.

There are no shortcuts to good health. And a healthy weight is simply a side effect of good health.

So, let’s all keep our focus on what we actually want, and allow a diet that works for us to emerge from that place.

Sound like a plan?

Good. 🙂

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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