Talking Food With Korey Kealey, Kitchen Wizard!

Today, I sit down with “Kitchen Wizard”, Korey Kealey. Korey is a busy wife, mom, entrepreneur, cookbook author and spokesperson for Foodland Ontario. This woman only has 24 hours in a day, just like the rest of us, and yet she makes it all look so easy!

Listen in to learn how Korey schedules time for exercise (she is up doing yoga at 5:45 am!) as well as some of her health philosophies and how she communicates with her kids about feeling their best.

Although Korey admits she is not a planner and tends to “fly by the seat of her pants”, she recommends planning for those who have 9-5 jobs or for people who don’t share her gift of being able to open cupboards and whip up a meal!

We also talk about her enerjive™ crackers (a staple in my kitchen and a must on road trips!) as well as her labour of love The Ultimate Cookbook For Hockey Families, written with Erin Phillips, wife of long-time Ottawa Senator Defenceman, Chris Phillips.

I know you will enjoy getting to know Korey if you don’t already, and I hope you stay in touch with her at (where you can order your copy of The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families) and find her on Twitter at @enerjive and @breakawayfood and on Facebook, /koreykealey.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

P.S. As I mentioned, here is the Food-Mood Journal I created for you. It is intended as a 7-day “kickstart”, and I used this when I helped several people in our health studio shed unwanted pounds and feel their best.

If you are unhappy with your weight or you feel you have tried everything without success, then I highly encourage you to give this a try. If you’d rather not print the whole thing, simply choose to print one or some of the journal pages.

It will get you started on being mindful of what you are eating/drinking, how much you are moving, and the amount you are sleeping. I hope it serves you and I welcome your feedback. 🙂


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