The ONE Secret That Changed Everything

If you saw this post, then you KNOW how much I love the beautiful East coast province of Prince Edward Island, and I am so excited to tell you how it has happened that I am heading back there…TOMORROW!!!

But first, some context.

As I have mentioned several times before, when I was a drinker, I was a drifter. Until I realized that I could create the things I wanted in my life, I drifted aimlessly, reacting to the situations and circumstances that would arise in my life instead of believing, or even knowing, that I determined so much of what was going on in my life by the decisions I was making.

I created my reality, but I just didn’t get it.

I needed to be awakened to the law of attraction in order to understand the power I had in my own life. Until I understood this fundamental law, I felt powerless and had no direction or idea whatsoever about what I was doing or how to change my life.

Life...For Dummies

For most of my life, I believed that I was “dumb”. I was the “pretty one” and yet I also believed I wasn’t all that attractive compared to many other girls. So, I went through my life not really liking who I was and not knowing what I was capable of.

I went through my teen years hanging out with a crowd I felt I could fit in with because nothing was expected of me.

I could party. I was a party girl. That was what I was good at.

After I graduated high school, I did a year at University where I came out with two credits and a mean euchre game, which reaffirmed my belief that I just couldn’t measure up academically.

So, I set out into the working world.

I worked. I had jobs. I had friends. I had a social life. But if you would have asked me what I wanted my life to look like back then, I would have had no idea how to answer the question…I just knew I wanted it to look better than it did, but had absolutely no clue how to make that happen.

For over a decade, I felt trapped; stuck….I felt mired in my life.

Until my rock bottom, I just kept drifting. I wasn’t heeding the warnings and I was ignoring all the signs.

I felt like the person I was, was the person I was! I really didn’t understand that in any given moment, we can change. It is still hard to grasp sometimes; that in any given moment, I can believe one thing about the world or about myself and then a moment later I can believe something else. But in my journey out of a drinking life and into a sober one, I have learned this lesson over and over.

I can change my mind; learn new things, believe new things, discover new things about myself.

I can become the person I’ve always wanted to be.

But what I’ve also realized is that without action, nothing happens!


We can wish for better all we want, but until we become mobilized, NOTHING HAPPENS. Actually, that’s not true, the same stuff happens. We haven’t changed anything. All we’ve done is find more reasons to complain.

Before we can act, we need to know what we are moving towards, otherwise the universe just keeps giving us more of the same. While I was actively drinking, my days and nights were pretty predictable. I woke up. I rushed to get ready for work. I ran out the door. I worked my 9-5. I then either went to my second job where I worked a few hours at a restaurant or I went to the liquor store or I went out somewhere with friends. No matter my schedule, my nights included drinking until I passed out, waking to my alarm buzzing the next morning.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

It wasn’t until I quit drinking and started going inward that I was able to realize that every single decision and choice I made was a direct request to the universe to give me more of what I was asking for.

It almost became a game!

I asked to win a scholarship at College. I pictured myself receiving it. I thought about it regularly. I wrote it down. I knew I deserved it. I wrote the application and got several references from my instructors.

I was awarded the scholarship for two years!

I wanted to excel at school and worked my ass off to achieve success. I graduated at the top of my class and achieved the highest award in the College.

I wanted to become healthy and fit; I wanted a toned body and to build muscle. I worked hard at the gym to improve my fitness, getting down to 19% body fat for a time, and feeling better than I ever had before.

I wanted to find a partner with whom I could build a life and who pushed me to be the best I could be. I wrote out 100 things I wanted in a partner and carried my list with me at all times. When I met Roger, there was an instant feeling of “I know you”, and we developed a relationship that has changed me and challenged me and rewarded me in so many amazing ways.

Manifesting Success

I truly began to realize that “manifesting” was how successful people were able to accomplish their goals in life.

They didn’t drift along assuming things would “work themselves out”, and they didn’t allow life to just “happen” to them.

They went out and they took from life what they wanted to take—but it meant they had to do the work. And THIS is what people who pooh-pooh the idea of manifesting or those who say “the law of attraction is a joke”, fail to realize: That WE have to do the work.

Yes, we start with the desire, but it follows with US doing whatever it takes to get there. The universe can help us get the right people and create the right conditions, but without EFFORT on our parts, our wishes will remain just that…wishes. And this is when you see people lose faith and succumb to negative feelings about themselves and their lives, assuming that “the good life” just isn’t for them; that it is only meant for the fortunate others.

But this just isn’t true. The universe is generous. It has everything we ALL need to succeed in ANY area of our lives. We simply need to tell it what we want and then work our asses off to get it.

THAT is where it gets hard. Because we can’t just say “I want to be rich.” or “I want to be successful” because this doesn’t mean anything to the universe. We have to be specific with our goals and then we have to go out and DO IT!

Away We Go

So, getting back to PEI…in September, Roger and I spent 3 of the most fabulous days of our lives there. It was so unexpected that PEI would leave us with such strong feelings of wanting to go back as soon as possible! We typically don’t travel to the same place twice, and yet…and yet…there was something (many things!) so magical about this tiny island that we were heartbroken to leave and had already started planing our next visit. So much of our reason for wanting to return revolved around the people. The scenery is also spectacular, but you will not meet friendlier people in your life and it is the safest, kindest, prettiest place I have ever been.

And then, there was the hotel.

The Great George hotel is the most incredible, luxurious, spectacular hotel I have ever stayed in, and I have had the luxury of staying at many Fairmonts and other 5-star hotels in my life. It wasn’t about the view although it was lovely. It wasn’t about the bed, although it was luxurious. It wasn’t about the size of the room, although it was bigger than our condo! It wasn’t about the incredible breakfast served every morning in the most gorgeous space, although it was fantastic. It wasn’t even about the complimentary personal guided tour of Charlottetown or the home-made chocolate chip cookies made daily and served warm…although these things were remarkable.

No. It wasn’t all of those things, but it was ALL of those things plus a million more tiny personal touches and genuine smiles and authenticity from every single person we met that made The Great George and PEI a place I longed to return to.

Since our visit, PEI had been on my vision board and I thought about it often. Roger and I were planning on returning in September.

But an amazing thing happened.

One of my Kick The Sugar Challengers saw this post and messaged me to say that her brother-in-law, Kevin Murphy, owned the Great George hotel! What a small world. I told her how much we enjoyed our stay and couldn’t wait to go back.

A little while later, after she and I built up our relationship as she went through the Challenge, she messaged me saying that Kevin was in town and wanted to meet with me.


I jumped in my car and met with Kevin, his brother and sister-in-law, and we began a conversation about ways we might be able to work together.

Fast forward to today, as I pack and get ready for our trip to PEI, where Roger and I are honoured to be speaking to the company’s 75 restaurant, hotel and brewery managers about “The Greatness Factor”.

We are pinching ourselves and can’t believe what has happened in our lives.

So, hold on to your dreams. Keep those thoughts alive and then go out and do great work. You never know who people know; you never know whose life you might touch with your work; you never know…

But what I DO know is that wishing for something and then doing nothing to achieve it will leave you mired in your life. Drifting the way I did for years…

I want more for your life the way I wanted more for mine.

I want you to live your dreams.

I want you to love your life.

I want you to love your life one bite at a time.


P.S. Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and the accompanying movie is one place to start if you want to learn more about the law of attraction. So is Michael Lozier’s “The Law Of Attraction” and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, which is a classic text so rich with information that I have read it three times and could continue to study it for the rest of my life, the way Bob Proctor has. In fact, all of Bob’s work is based on Hill’s teachings. Wallace Wattles’ The Science Of Getting Rich is another great read for those interested in this subject.

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