I say it a lot. I help people “uncomplicate” their relationship with food, their body image and their life. I am someone who has uncovered the simple (notice I didn’t use *easy*) solution to experiencing more joy and freedom in my life and I believe it ALL starts with the food we put into our bodies–and our BRAINS. Why do I start with the food? Because, as Hippocrates stated over 2,000 years ago (and so much current research supports), “disease begins in the gut.” Not all disease, as he first stated, but it’s 2020 and we know that so much happens inside our intestinal walls. Our gut is our second brain and although we tend to separate the brain from the body, they are ONE, and what we eat affects how we feel. The link cannot be overstated. Nourishing our bodies with REAL, whole foods (fruits and vegetables, minimally processed grains, beans, legumes, nuts & seeds, ethically raised meats, poultry, eggs and fish and organic dairy) has such a tremendous impact on our health and yet we often really struggle to make the connection.

I want you to know, I GET it. I drank alcohol for years, harming my gut microbiome by what I was drinking as well as how I was ignoring my health: I ate a diet of junk food and sugar, slept poorly, added stress to myself, and rarely moved my body other than to raise the wine glass or cigarette to my lips or dial the number for Chinese take-out or pizza delivery. Definitely NOT the picture of health.

I just couldn’t–or wouldn’t–believe that what I put into my mouth was thaaaat important. Although I couldn’t imagine thinking that way now, therein lies the power of our beliefs. We are allowed to believe anything we choose to believe, and when so many of my students were raised on junk food, peeling back the layers and getting below the surface are key to really understanding–and changing–our beliefs, which is key to creating lasting changes in our lives and health. It’s why diets don’t work–they are fixated on short-term weight loss and not long-term peace.

I know you want peace. Freedom. Health. Wellness. And I know HOW you can get it!

Here’s the deal: nothing changes if nothing changes and the first step is always awareness. If you are someone who has struggled with food and sugar your whole life, first, know you are not alone. I have tremendous compassion because I’ve been there and I understand. In my 18+ year journey towards greater wellness, I have uncovered a system, a process, a protocol that layers on itself to provide you with a beautiful framework with which you can spend the rest of your life tweaking and toying with; it’s fluid, not rigid. Suggestive, not prescriptive. Joyful, not miserable. And I want you to experience it.

We have been duped, lied to, addicted and sickened. I firmly believe that if we get our food right, SO MUCH else in our lives falls into place. I am not saying food fixes everything–but a poor diet definitely damages everything.

If you’re ready and wanting to experience a radically different approach to the way you’re feeding yourself and your children, if you want to learn to have your cake and eat it, too (literally–I teach you delicious, nourishing, life-giving recipes that your kids will LOVE), then I’ve put together a 12 week program where I share the BEST of what I’ve learned in my 18+ year journey to optimal health and wellness.

And I’d love to share it all with you.

Visit to learn more and let’s get ourselves and our kids FEELING amazing!

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

P.S. The next round of coaching starts on Monday, March 16th and we go until June 1st. Here is what one of my students had to say: “I’ve been learning from Sarah Roberts for over a year now… and I find that I’ve learned so much… and I just continue to learn & grow, and I feel supported throughout it all by her.Baby steps… one after the other. And no, she doesn’t teach any latest diet fad. She teaches a way of living for optimal health… looking inwards at ourselves & our past to see where changes are required… and then helps to open our minds to looking at the present. For now, I want to share her with you all. She’s also amazing in that, once you sign up once with her for her 12 week program, you can continue for as long as you’d like without any further fee!If you’re interested to know more, give her a shout & chat to see if you’re a fit. There’s no charge to that conversation. :)”~Shani

P.P.S. Join ONCE, stay FOREVVVER! That’s right! Once you join OBAAT ONE TIME, you get lifetime access to ALL future rounds of coaching. FOR FREE. Some of my students have been with me since the very first round (March will be number 8!) as a way to go deeper, learn more, connect with others and continue to stay on the path. I love that. 

P.P.P.S. If you’d like to learn more about my work around food and sugar and body image, I did a live training called:The Truth About Sugar and How To Live A Life Of Freedom Around Food.


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