People Don’t Decide; Habits Decide.

I want to stay awake when it comes to the way I live my life. I tend to examine my habits as a way IN. I take inventory of them regularly, to ensure they are taking me places I actually want to go in my life. Take my posture, for example. I have struggled with maintaining good posture since I suffered a shoulder injury over a decade ago. Pile on spending a good chunk of my life in front of a computer and the conditioning from as far back as I can remember to suck in my stomach, pull my shoulders back and do a “pelvic tilt”, and my posture is alllll sorts of wrong. My habits led me here. But I don’t want to become hunched over as I age, so I am working on it. I am paying closer attention to the way I sit, stand, work, move, breathe and exercise and I work with experts who help me.

This is how I create change; I look at the things I do–habitually–and I decide if my habits are holding me back or pushing me forward in my life. And I adjust from that place of awareness.

What about you? What habit could you take a closer look at? Is there something you *know* isn’t working for you, but you find it too challenging to change? I GET it! But awareness is always, always the first step, so even just thinking about what you might be able to look at or work on is progress.

It’s all learning.

And it’s all good.

Because we don’t decide our futures; we decide our habits and our habits decide our futures.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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