The BIGGEST Lesson Learned in 47 Trips Around The Sun.

Thursday will mark my 47th birthday. I love birthdays. And I love getting older. I realize that the alternative is death, and I don’t want that for many, many more years.

As Roger and I finish getting settled in our new home on Vancouver Island, I’ve had the chance to reflect on some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life. Lessons like the gift of forgiveness. The importance of planning. The impact that diet and exercise have on my overall health. The effect that meditation and stillness have on my mental health. The way being in nature feeds my soul, grounds me, and reminds me of what really matters. The fact that relationships are gardens that must be tended to or else they wither and die. The reality that some relationships need to wither and die. The knowledge that no matter where we are and no matter how it feels, we are never, ever alone.

And so many more.

But as I reflected on the lessons learned in my lifetime so far, one lesson rose to the top and made its home there. And it is this:

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

It seems too simple. Obvious. Like, duh! Of course that’s how life works!

But how often in our lives do we wish something would change, want something to improve, complain about how it doesn’t, and yet….

Until WE make changes, NOTHING changes! It may even get worse, but it sure doesn’t improve. We simply must work at the things that aren’t working in order to heal, grow, change, evolve.

Before I got sober, I can’t even tell you I truly wanted things to change. Perhaps I didn’t allow myself the luxury of imagining better for myself, for if I did, I knew–deep down–that it would require more of ME. And there was a (big) part of me that wanted to stay small and sick. But as soon as I got a few days, weeks, months and then years without relying on a drug to numb me, I saw how small I’d made myself and how little I’d settled for.

And step by step, day by day, I grew. I grew through the act of changing. My old habits no longer served me, and I adopted new ones. I changed my environment and the people I spent my time with. I changed my beliefs as the actions I took yielded results that aligned with the person I was becoming.

As my priorities changed, the work I did on myself continued to evolve…and the more I changed. 

What I know for sure, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned along the way so far is that if I want a bigger, better, more fulfilling life, then only I can create it! I cannot wait for others to swoop in and save me; I have got to DO THE WORK.

If only I’d had someone to help me see around corners and if only I’d started sooner! But no regrets. And I don’t think we’re ready until we are, you know? I’m grateful for all the lessons along the way and I’m filled with gratitude for everyone who has helped me get here.

Including YOU.

Thank you so much for following along and watching this once lost, sad, small human grow into someone I can look in the eyes and be truly proud of. As I approach 47, I feel more at home in my body and more aligned in my life and I am grateful, truly, for the entire road; not just these parts that feel exciting and new as I embark on this next chapter of my life here on beautiful Vancouver Island.

And I want that for you, too. If YOU are feeling stuck or small or wishing your life felt more aligned with who you really are, then I encourage you to choose just ONE thing that you could do to get you closer to your goal. Stick with it until it becomes a habit for you. Then, choose something else and work on that. These seemingly small changes can end up bringing you huge results in your life, and you’ll be surprised at the way success breeds success! Once you feel that sense of pride that comes with accomplishment, it becomes easier and easier to make more changes. Your confidence grows and you become curious about what else you might be able to do and have and see. The law of attraction is nothing more that deciding what you want and then working diligently to get it. This can be as simple as making the decision to floss your teeth or make your bed every day. These “small” acts allow your inner parent to show up and take charge, guiding you towards the life you truly want…and deserve. That’s really how it works. No magic. No windfall. No better circumstances. Our lives are the result of the decisions we make.

So, for my birthday, I want to ask you for something: never forget how powerful you are. You might just amaze yourself as you grow into your best self this year.

I hope so.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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