Where is “HEALTH” On YOUR List?

I interviewed one of my favourite naturopathic doctors on episode 11 of my talk show, and she shared something that has really stuck with me. Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur shared that whenever a new client comes in to see her, she asks them where “health” falls on their list or priorities. Like, “How important is your health, to you?” In almost every case, her new patients will express that health is of utmost importance; they place it at the very top of the list.

Sarah will then ask them about their diet, their lifestyle, their exercise, sleep, stress, work habits….and it becomes blatantly obvious that her patient may fully believe that health is of the utmost importance but–at the very same time–they really aren’t behaving in ways that actually show their bodies that they care for them–at least not in the real, tangible ways that our health depends upon.

Things like prioritizing sleep (8 hours a night!); exercise (moving daily!); water (8 8-ounce glasses a day!); eating a healthy diet (made up of REAL food!); and reducing stress (work, relationships, money, etc.), among other healthy habits.

We become a reflection of the things we do repeatedly. We aren’t what we do once-in-a-while, but what we do over and over again, on a daily basis.

I like to remind people that it’s ok to have the cookie! As long as we aren’t eating the cookie for breakfast (in the form of coffee with cream and sugar, cereal, muffins, etc), lunch (deli sandwiches, pizza slices, and big plates of fries) and dinner (take-out, packaged meals, restaurants)! If the cookie is a once-in-a-while thing, or if you’re swapping your junk-food cookie for something made from real ingredients, then go for it!

No guilt.

People tend to have a “diet mentality”, where they are either “on” or “off”; being “good” or “bad” and this mindset can get us into a whole lot of trouble. When they decide to make a change to improve their health (or, more realistically, when they are sick of their weight), they eat well and hit the gym for a week or so and then become frustrated with why they don’t lose 10 pounds or fit into the outfit they’d planned to wear. “All that sacrifice! All that deprivation! All that exercise! For NOTHING!” And so they go back into their old habits because why wouldn’t they just eat the cookies and the pizza and the French fries and why wouldn’t they spend their nights on the couch watching Netflix instead of sweating their butts off at the gym or a fitness class?!

It’s all too hard and it all takes too long and we just don’t have the willpower needed to do the work.

On this, I call bullshit.

Why? Because what’s harder? For so many of us, EVERY single time we think about eating, it’s a THING. And every time we eat, it’s a THING. And every time we finish eating, it’s REALLY a thing. And we wonder if we’ll ever, ever figure all of this out and what it will mean to our life if we do. And what it will mean to our life if we don’t?

I can tell you, from experience, that what will happen if you don’t learn to prioritize your health is that you won’t live as fully and vibrantly NOW.

That is all I know.

And that is everything.

Because if I’ve learned anything from my own personal journey towards greater health and wellness, and if I’ve heard anything from my favourite spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, it’s that the ONLY thing we ever have is the present moment. And the more you can grab a hold of this concept and really unfold it into your consciousness, the greater your awareness that your LIFE is simply made up of each and every present moment you have ever experienced as a human being.

It’s got to be enough that in this moment, you are caring for your health. Then, in the next moment, you can do the same. String enough of these moments together and watch your life evolve into something you really, truly love and continue to nurture as you age.

Will prioritizing your health guarantee you no health challenges? No. It won’t. Even if you live an incredibly healthy lifestyle, you may be faced with them, and we also can’t always reverse the damage we’ve done to our bodies over years and decades. But, these health challenges can be seen as opportunities for growth…and for change.

And will prioritizing your health allow you to enjoy 6-pack abs and a perfect physique for the rest of your life? No, it won’t…not unless you put fitness as a #1 priority and training as a daily initiative.

But by NOT putting your health in first place, you are potentially shortening your life span and you are certainly lowering your level of enjoyment while you are alive.

Because if I know ONE thing for sure, it’s that caring for our physical bodies requires the kind of attention that only we can give ourselves. No one else can do this work, and so, the rewards are incredibly personal. Each person gets to define success on their own terms.

If YOU are ready to define success on your own terms, then it’s not too late to join me and an amazing group of women seeking to uncover deeper truths about themselves; to look at their lives and take serious inventory about the state of their affairs; and get to the beautiful, messy and amazing work that comes from putting themselves–and their health–in first place.

12 weeks.

We started yesterday, but you’ve got the rest of this week to watch the replay of the class and do the homework. It’s not too late.

No, you do not have to be sober to join me.

No, you do not have to have swapped your addiction from alcohol (or other drugs) to sugar (the way I did).

No, you do not have to be overweight or anything other than willing to dig in and do the work to live with more joy and freedom around food, body image and your health and wellness.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling the way you’re feeling, and if you’re sick and tired of thinking negative thoughts about your body, and if you’re sick and tired of never knowing “what to do” when the latest trends confuse you at every turn, then I invite you to work with me where we will go within; to uncover the deeper truths that are keeping you stuck.

We go slow; not fast.

There is no diet or protocol or meal plan. You simply have to show up willing to go on YOUR journey and YOU get to create the life you truly want to be living. No one else gets to do that work.

It’s awesome.

And I’d love to help you.

Let’s do this…together.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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