REALTalk On Chronic Pain

Last Sunday on REALTalk, we tackled a topic that approximately 20% of the population is dealing with: chronic pain. I really can’t believe the number of people in my own life who have at one time or another lived with chronic pain, and I wanted to spend the hour learning about the bio-psycho-social effects of pain, the stigma and shame that surround those suffering, medical support and non-traditional treatments, and the emotional aspects of pain.


I had Dr. Jeff Balon of the CPM Centres For Pain Management to help us understand the world of pain better, Roger Deveau to share his family’s all-natural pain relief butter that has helped thousands of people over the past 7 years, and Marie-Lune Fortin to help us understand how our emotional pain and our physical pain are inextricably linked…and how to heal.

Part of the struggle for people living with pain is the stigma. Let's all remember to offer the gift of compassion towards those suffering. It can make all the difference.

It was another full hour, so I hope you can take the time to watch. Living with chronic pain is not easy, but there is so much hope out there.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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