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During my 14 Days of Wellness, someone asked if I could share some of my favourite books on the subject of health and wellness. I happily obliged and I wanted to share my response with you, too, if you are looking to make some positive changes to your health in 2018.

The thing is, while I don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolutions, I feel that a new year can certainly be a chance for people to make–and stick to–new habits that will become part of a new lifestyle.

But as I shared with my followers during our 14 days together, a habit takes as long as a habit takes to become a habit. It’s not 7 days or 21 days or 28 days or even 10 weeks like I wrote about in my book (research shows that 10 weeks of uninterrupted effort is how long it takes for a new neural pathway to form in our brains). In order to make something a habit that becomes the thing you do without even thinking, this takes as long as it takes. Everyone is different, and we just have to keep sticking to something until we do it unconsciously.

One way I have encouraged myself to continue living a lifestyle that’s made up of habits I feel proud of–like eating well, moving daily, practicing mindfulness, prioritizing sleep, reducing stress, etc.,–is to surround myself with books that are written by people I respect and admire; people who know more than I do or who have achieved a level of health and fitness that I want to achieve, as well.

They say we are the average of the 5 people we hang around; I believe we can also include those we haven’t met but who influence our thinking through their work. So, here are some of my favourites and I hope you find something in this pile that speaks to you, as well.

You, The Owner’s Manual by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen is a really good one especially for guys. It’s written from a man’s perspective and teaches us all about how our bodies work which is so cool because we often have no clue where are adrenal glands are or what in the heck they are used for!

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz is for women what The Owner’s Manual is for men. It is by far my favourite resource for developing an intimate understanding about how our body works and for learning how to nourish and nurture it from the inside out.

Wheat Belly, The Dorito Effect, and Salt Sugar Fat, all speak to what’s happened to our food supply since the Industrial Revolution. They share the secrets that the food industry and Big Sugar don’t want us to know.

Of course, I think my book, The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge, should be required reading for anyone struggling with body image, food, addiction, and for those looking for a step-by-step plan to go 28 days without sugar .

I‘m also a big fan of Jillian Michaels whose “tell it like it is” attitude can be a really good kick in the butt for some people who need it. In Making The Cut, her focus is on exercise but she talks food, as well, although I am not a fan of some of the ingredients she recommends, such as artificial sweeteners and fat-free mayonnaise. I would never, ever recommend Splenda and I’d much rather use Dijon mustard over mayo any day, or else make my own home-made version. But, as with anything, I take what I need and I leave the rest.

Michael Pollan is my boyfriend. 😉 In Defence Of Food and the smaller, “Coles Notes” version, if you will, Food Rules, are both amazing at simplifying big concepts around how and why we eat, and they both remind us of what’s most important when it comes to ignoring the noise and getting back to basics around nourishing our bodies.

How To Not Get Fat has a jarring title but a lot of excellent information inside that helps us understand how our bodies work. It is not unlike You: The Owner’s Manual but somewhat more scientific. This book helped me understand more fully what happens to our bodies when we eat.

The Organic Manifesto reminds us how organic farming will help us heal the planet. If you haven’t already started your own garden, this book will have you running to the store to buy your seeds!

I have been a big fan of Tosca Reno for years. In The Eat Clean Diet…Recharged!, she shares why we want to be eating real, whole foods and she provides many yummy recipes. She explains macro- and micro-nutrients and encourages us to live well using food and exercise as our tools.

Thinner this Year and it’s predecessor Younger Next Year (not pictured–I loaned it to my mom) are written by a doctor and an 80 year old guy who changed his life using diet and exercise. They are good reads for getting into a strong mindset, with a major focus on the exercise piece, and lots of info on how to age better.

So, why not make a date with yourself, grab a coffee or tea and hit your favourite book store (either online or IRL!) and check out some of these titles–or perhaps others–and find one that speaks to you. And then follow its advice. Because it’s one thing to buy a book about improving our health and another thing entirely to inject its wisdom into our lives.

Have fun, and remember…you only get one body; one life; one chance.

So go out there and decide that today is the day where you will heed the advice of experts who have been where you are; people who have made the choice to prioritize their health in all the seemingly small decisions that make up a lifestyle of healthy habits–habits that you, too, can begin to incorporate into your day.

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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