We Take Care Of The Things We Love

Think of the brand new car that we keep clean inside and that we take to the car wash. The car that gets regular oil changes and maintenance checks. The car that gets fed the proper gasoline, even before the light goes on. Inside this car we clean up our messes, and we always know where we keep our owner’s manual, our ownership and the registration papers. We love this car. We love that it allows us to travel to places with ease and comfort. We are grateful for it and we treat it with respect. We tell it that we love it and are grateful for it and are so glad we have it! This is what it looks like when we love something.

Now think of the car littered with so much garbage and filth that you could imagine your clothes becoming stained by sitting in it. The car where the wretched odour of stale cigarette smoke can be detected from outside its closed doors. The car whose body is being eating away by rust; the dents and scratches like scars on its frame. Watch the fabric falling away from its seams, the holes in the seats, the tears in the carpet.  We are embarrassed by this car. We apologize for it. We tell it that we hate it. We yell at it and curse it and wish it were gone. We are ashamed of it. This is what it looks like when we hate something.

Now I want you to consider how you treat your body.

Do You Love It?

Do you care for it, rest it, nurture it, feed it and move it? Do you honour it and cherish it? Do you continually try to improve on it and maintain it? Do you seek opportunities to show it how much you respect it? Do you speak kindly to it?

What do you say to your body when you look in the mirror? Do you tell it how glad you are that you were born with YOUR body and not someone else’s? Do you dance for joy at the gift that this body is for you? Do you remember that this is the most precious gift you will ever receive?


Do you hate it?

Do you neglect it, ignore it and resent it? Do you see it as something outside of you? Do you tell it you wish it were different? Do you say nasty things to it, wishing it would change? Do you put garbage in it? Do you sit around and complain about it and all the things that are wrong with it?

What do you say to your body when you look in the mirror? Do you tell it how angry you are that THIS is the body you were born with, and not someone else’s? Do you compare it to everyone else’s? Do you call it hurtful names? Do you hit it and punch it and swear at it and wish it would go away? Do you forget that this is the only body you will ever have?

Our bodies and our minds are intimately connected. Everything we focus on expands. If you want a body that looks healthy, feels healthy, is healthy and allows you to be and do the things you want to be and do, then you simply have to love your body. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Tell yourself how much you love and respect your body. Treat it with love, compassion and kindness. Feed it nourishing food, fresh water, and healthy relationships. Move it daily to stretch and grow your muscles and to sweat out toxins, and your body will respond in kind. Your body is always listening, whether you choose to believe it or not. Because your mind and your body are not separate entities. They are one. Love your amazing body.

Because if you don’t take care of the most precious gift you will ever receive, your body, then where else are you going to live?

Cameron's Gift

Cameron Diaz recently posted this question on Instagram: “What do you love most about your body?”. I was thrilled that my response was chosen and her team gifted me with a copy of her book and a beautiful sterling silver serving piece. Since I already had my own copy of the book, I decided to “pay it forward”. I posted the same question on Facebook and I received so many positive comments about your bodies!

I am pleased to announce that the winner of Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book is Laura Briffa. Congratulations, Laura! Here is what Laura said about her amazing body.

“I love most that my body never lies. It always gives me an honest reflection and reminder of what I’ve put into it. I respect the vehicle which carries my heart & soul.”

I love that.

Until next time, what are you going to do today to show your body that you love it?

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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  • Anna

    Reply Reply June 18, 2015

    Every day I think of my body, even more so now that I’m semi retired. I really enjoy wine with dinner so I don’t always do what’s best. My goal is to have it only on the wkend.

    • Sarah Roberts

      Reply Reply June 22, 2015

      Anna, one glass of wine with dinner isn’t necessarily unhealthy, as long as it’s not a problem for you and as long as you aren’t trying to lose weight. If you can’t stop at one glass, I’d suggest cutting it out entirely for a month to see how you cope (having it just on weekends might mean you’ll binge because you’ve deprived yourself all week). If you are trying to lose weight, avoiding alcohol is a great strategy towards achieving your goals. Alcohol is converted to sugar in the liver, it can disrupt sleep, it taxes the liver, and it often causes us to make poor choices food-wise, among other things. Good luck and keep me posted!

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