MY WOTY2020 (Word Of The Year)

I’ve been doing a “Word of the year” (WOTY) for a few years. I don’t know how others come up with their word, but the way I do it is by simply paying more attention to my life. I examine the things I do habitually. I look at my behaviours and the results they create, and I decide if I want to see more or less of them in the next 365 days. I pay attention to the conversations I have, the relationships I enjoy, and the lessons that are delivered to me through the people, things and events that come into my life. I sit in meditation and I listen for guidance. I spend time in nature. I get still and I get quiet and I allow the word to come.

Last year, my word was STRONG. It felt right. Aligned. I wanted to feel stronger mentally, emotionally and physically and I set about doing a lot of work on myself personally, professionally, and emotionally. And I felt stronger last year than I did the year before. Setting intentions–and then doing the work to see them through–works.

The year before, my word was BRAVE. I wanted to step even farther outside my comfort zone and I produced and hosted my own talk show without having any prior experience on television. I launched my private coaching program and developed a group coaching program in order to serve more people. I quit my part time job and relied on my own efforts for income. I announced to my family that I’d be moving out west within 2 years.

This year, I resisted my word for weeks. It came up over and over again in meditation and I kept thinking…”No….it must be wrong”. If I accepted it as my word, would I stop working to my potential? Would I push myself less, do less, serve less, achieve less, make less of an impact on my own and others’ lives? My word felt like the exact OPPOSITE of what I wanted to create in my life: MORE. More impact, more peace, more joy, more freedom, more travel, more connection, more love.

And yet…

I can feel the shift inside myself since embracing my word. Ready?

My word is LESS.

Too often, we (me) can get sucked into the belief system that society has created. The one that tells us that we need MORE…of everything, in order to be acceptable. In order to be “successful”.

But who are we trying to impress? Whose life are we living? Who–and where–are WE in all of that pressure and what is it that WE value?

I decided to embrace my word and continue to push back on the pressure society places on me, telling me I’m not worthy or good enough or that my own definition of success is the wrong one and I’d better HURRY UP and adopt the “right one” before it’s too late.

I feel SO good about my word!


Less STUFF. Less waste. Less worry. Less clutter. Less complaining. Less comparing. Less drama. Less work. Less stress. Less judgment. Less fear.

And in choosing LESS, I get MORE.

More ME.

So, what about YOU? Do you choose a word of the year (WOTY)? I’d love you to share in the comments below!

Because I want you to love your life one bite at a time.

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  • Louise Chandra

    Reply Reply January 28, 2020

    I LOVE this idea. I never heard of it. I like it. I will chose ‘rediscover’ for myself. I retired a few month ago and moved back to my home town to live with my mother and sister. So I am rediscovering this town and its natural beauty. I took it for granted before and never really paid attention. But this year, I am in the forest almost every day snowshoeing and really loving it. I am also rediscovering my mom and sister. We have not lived under the same roof in years, so I am rediscovering their food taste, personality, what they like to do and not do, and so much more. I am sure every season will bring new discoveries. With time I want to get more involved with the community. So I think ‘rediscover’ is a good work for me. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sarah Roberts

      Reply Reply January 28, 2020

      Ooooh!! Rediscover sounds like the perfect word for you at this time in your life. You’ve been through so much and are now settling into a “new normal”. How beautiful to be able to rediscover your relationships to family members and also nature. Love it…and you! xo

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